Lemon Bar Magic Cake

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  1. Jennifer isley

    I’d love to see a strawberry magic cake or peach magic cake or banana magic cake oh yes lemon blueberry and raspberry vanilla magic cake

    1. Sorry I’m getting back to you so late Vickie, but yes, you can make the day before and serve the following day. Just make sure to refrigerate the cake. Enjoy!

  2. Barbara Allen

    What the heck happened? I had no magic layer on the bottom. I just poured it on top of the cake mix I didn’t stir it. Its very dry and there is no lemon layer on the bottom. What could have happened?

  3. Linda

    You asked what other flavours we would like to see…… I love chocolate but pumpkin not so much….. So how about a black forest (chocolate and cherries) or a Dusty Rose (Chocolate and Strawberries) Or even just chocolate and chocolate (I am a chocoholoic and would DIE for this option…. lol

  4. Sarah Fischer-Tubbs

    Can I use a classic lemon curd in place of the bar filling you made? Or does it need flour in it for the layering? I have a ton of lemon curd left from a party and this family is lemon bar-ed out!

    1. Hi Sarah, The flour in the lemon bar layer is crucial for helping it to set up. You might try stirring in the 1/2 the flour to the lemon curd and pouring that over the top? Hope that helps!

  5. Kim Baumgart

    I haven’t tried this yet, and I don’t usually post something before trying because I want to read people’s experience with the recipe not that it looks good. By the way, it really does and I have NO doubt about it taskting heavenly. But what I really wanted to say is I LOVE your site name. It reminds me of many, many evenings doing dishes with my Dad.

  6. Linda

    The only instant pudding I can find comes in 3.4 ounce packages. Your recipe calls for 1.0 ounces. Is this an error, or do they really make an instant oudding in 1.0!ounce pkg?

  7. Dee

    Could I just use regular lemon pudding and not the sugar free instant since I bought the wrong one?please answer quickly as cake is made and realized I got wrong pudding mix

  8. Toni

    What is a cool whip? Pleade excuse my ignorance but I am not a seasoned baker, but this recipe looks gorgeous and I will try it..

  9. Victoria

    I normally replace the oil in a box cake mix with melted butter. Do you think this will interfere with the end result? This recipe looks amazing! Thanks!

    1. Cool Whip is a stabilized whipped cream that they sell in the freezer section of the grocery stores. You could just use whipped cream in place of the cool whip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Debbie Black

    The ingredient list says 2 cups of suger. The instructions say use one and a half cups. Which is correct? Thanks…this looks so good!

  11. Jan C

    I wonder if this would work with a sugar free yellow cake mix (Pillsbury, I think). My husband is type 2 diabetic so I try to keep desserts low sugar.
    This looks amazing!

  12. Hmmm this reminds me of your pumpkin magic cake!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I loved that for Thanksgiving so I can only imagine how much I’ll love this – lemon is one of my favorite flavors!!!

  13. Carol

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE lemon bars so I know I’m gonna fall in love with this cake. It looks delicious.

    Hmmmm other kinds of magic cakes would I love to see? How about one with Nutella or Biscoff incorporated into it somehow? I know whatever flavor you come up with is going to be amazing.

    I can’t wait to try this! Thanks SO much, Shawn,


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