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I’ve been wanting to create a separate part of my site where I can just talk about anything I want for a while now. So here it is.

Soap Suds!

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Because, you know… washing dishes and all… clever right?!?

This past week has been a super crazy one. My husband and I left our 4 kids with some friends and we flew down to Utah to do some house hunting. We’ve been temporarily living in Northern British Columbia for the past year and a half while my husband works on a job up here, but I’m ready to move our family back to the US.

My husband and I were about 10 minutes from heading out with our realtor when I got a gut wrenching text from my sister.

“You need to call Bret.”

Bret is my brother. My one and only brother.

You see, over the past couple months he has had several tests done – MRI’s, scans, blood tests, physicals, etc. The doctors had noticed that the lymph nodes in his neck were rather large and after some testing, decided to remove them to do even more testing. I knew we were getting closer to finding out what was going on, and that text from my sister sent me in a spiral.

I grabbed my sister-in-law’s phone (since my Canadian phone won’t work in the US) and called my brother. He was calm and collected when he explained to me his diagnosis. Stage 4a Medullary Thyroid Cancer.

I’m a complete mess at this point, trying really hard to not let him hear me crying. As tears streamed down my face I listened to him explain what’s next. More scans, more surgeries, and more uncertainty. He tells me that he has two choices from here: he can be depressed and sad about this, or he can stay positive and enjoy his time with his family. He’s obviously choosing to stay positive.

I dried my eyes, told him I loved him and that I would be positive for him as well.

After that my husband and I left to go meet up with our realtor. We searched for a couple days, and after we found the house we both loved we headed back to Canada. Unfortunately someone else really loved that house and put in an offer before we could. Bummer. Back to the drawing board.

On a positive note- when we got home our kids were super excited to see us, and we were just as excited to see them. After this crazy week I just want to pull them in close and never let them go.

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Shawn is the Owner and Creator of I Wash You Dry. She loves to create and share simple, family-friendly recipes. Mom to 5 adorable children and dwells in the desert of Southern Utah.
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  1. Judith

    I wish the best outcome for your brother. The thyroid impacts everything in our bodies. There are great Internet resources for Thyroid cancer and conditions. Mary Shomon is a well-known patient advocate. Additionally, Yahoo groups has various listservs for many conditions including thyroid.

  2. Deloise

    The Lord has really put Bret on my heart. I have a wonderful prayer team of good friends and we are praying for miraculous healing, and for comfort and strength for your family. Keep us posted, please.

  3. Judy D.

    Hi Shawn ~ I’m sorry to hear the news about your brother. I, myself, dealt with cancer and I truly believe my positive attitude is the reason I’m still alive today. I will pray for your brother and all those in the family.

    With regard to not getting the house you guys found and loved…there’s a reason (for everything). The “right” house will come along and you’ll love it even more.

    Hugs from So. California.

  4. Pat

    How brave of you to share so generously. Our prayers and positive thoughts will surround you all.
    My husband and I are walking a similar journey. He is now receiving radiation and chemotherapy. We will pray with you for your brother’s healing.
    God bless you all.
    Pat & Bill
    Peterborough, ON.

  5. Shawn, my heart completely goes out to you – I can’t even imagine what I would do in this situation. I can literally feel the love you have for your brother in this post – it’s so beautifully written. Sending positive thoughts and vibes your family’s way!

  6. Shawn, my heart completely goes out to you – I can’t even imagine what I would do in this situation. I can literally feel the love you have for your brother in this post – it’s so beautifully written. Sending positive thoughts and vibes your guys’ way!

  7. Sena

    Hi Shawn, my heart and prayers goes out to you and your family during this challenging time in your lives. I have been following your post for some weeks now, they are one of the highlights of my day. That’s why I am so happy that you started this new one. I just want to encourage you to trust in God because he is always ready to help us.

  8. Beth

    I will definitely keep Brett and your family in my prayers. Thank God he has a positive attitude! I hope and pray that he has a top-notch oncologist. I know you will get the house of your dreams. Don’t lose hope – always have faith. I am sending you a great big hug. Please keep us posted on Brett. May God Bless all of you.

  9. Kelda Toliver

    Loved the post love you love the family and thanks for this. I think this is a great idea. We got this. And as a family united we will all be strong.

  10. Janene

    Wow. I really feel for you. I have only one sibling too. I’m glad you’re going to be positive for him. My sis is a kind of doom and gloom person. I’m the one with health issues, and she is less than optimistic for me. My friend, however, came down to help me after surgery, was positive and uplifting, and made me feel like I could conquer it all! My advice: go visit, don’t wait for an invitation. Spend lots of time and enjoy each other.

  11. Heather

    This is so sad. It makes no sense why bad things happen to good people. Chin up and lots of love. I think it’s a good plan to stay positive through this, even though it is heartbreaking. It’s a good opportunity to let him know how much you love him and share with him stuff he’s taught you that you are grateful for. Prayers for your family!

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