What to Eat and See in New York City

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  1. From someone who spent the last 6 years living and eating my way through NYC, I think this is a very good list! If you’re willing to venture out of Manhattan, Roberta’s Pizza and MoMo Sushi Shack in Brooklyn are our favorite places to eat. Also, love the bagels at Zabar’s (which is pretty close to Levain) and they have amazing coffee that is worth taking home as a souvenir 🙂

    I’ve been enjoying your recipes in my new Instapot!

  2. Hello Shawn! Thanks for this post, it’s just so beautiful and appetizing! 😀 I’d add the famous Central Park hot dog, it’s delicious. And what about interesting sights, first timers should definitely visit The Wall Street and touch a bull for luck! 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Next month I am going to NYC to pay a visit there.I will obviously enjoy the dairy products there. Obviously I got inspiration about it from you.Can’t wait any longer to go there.

  4. Lisa Stewart

    I have a question about biking through Central Park. I read that you have to stay on the main driving roads which doesn’t allow you to see the main parts or famous parts of the park. Did you find this to be true? Thanks for your response. BTW, I met you in Puerto Vallarta years ago. We were on the same tram going to the Preditor Zip Lining place. I’m a photographer and I showed you a bunch of stuff and explained settings on your camera. Been following you since.

    1. Hi Lisa!! Oh my gosh, so great to hear from you! That was so long ago!! We were able to take our bikes all over the park. There are parts that bikes are not allowed to be ridden, but we just walked them in those locations. You can even rent a bike lock for just a $1, and lock it up if you wanted to not walk your bike. 🙂

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