Turkey Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie

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  1. SLW

    Not a shepard’s pie! A shepard’s pies is made with lamb, a cottage pie is made with beef, not sure about one with Turkey–Hen House pie?????? Love one with lamb or beef, not sure about the turkey, not a turkey person.

      1. SLW

        I hope that I didn’t offend anyone with the clarification of the differences in the names of the pie. As I understand it it started with the Shepard’s (sheep of course) in the Highlands of Scotland, the English picked it up when they were conquering but used beef, (English are very much beef people), hence the change in name. I’ve often thought about using the chicken or turkey and what it would be called. I may be totally wrong in this history, but had looked it up sometime ago and maybe right, maybe not. Makes a good story and makes sense.

  2. I’m a widow … still adapting to cooking smaller dishes. However, I usually plan a dish to serve me for 2 meals. Do you think the base of this pie could be a make ahead freezer meal … everything but the potato topping? Cook for tonight and freeze in casserole dish for the Future? I’d make the potato topping fresh when I bake the freezer one. Thank You, Sandra

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