Real Mom Confessions

Real Mom Confessions are not something you hear very often, because let’s face it, nobody wants to be “that Mom.”

If you’re a mom, or dad even, I’m sure you know the feeling of being judged by your peers for your parenting decisions. Well, I’ve teamed up with Yoplait this year to celebrate those imperfect, embarrassing, but oh-so-real Mom moments, and to tell you to just “Mom On.”

I’m all too familiar with the judgmental comments and criticisms of the internets. Don’t believe me? Read the comments on my Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe. Ouch.

There was that one time I did a Facebook Live video and was bombarded with nasty comments because I forgot to wash my hands after touching raw chicken then I touched my son’s head… not my finest moment, but guess what? We’re still alive, and nobody got sick. (I deleted the video, so don’t bother searching for it).

It’s not just the internet that’s giving me mom guilt. I experience it all too much in real life. I work from home, and there are countless times I get raised eyebrows and questions of how I am able to raise my kids while I work?

Work from Home Mom struggle.

Yeah, it’s not easy, it’s freaking hard actually. 9 times out of 10 I want to run and hide, lock myself in the bathroom and let my kids fend for themselves.

REAL MOM CONFESSIONS: The kids fend for themselves a lot during the summer.

Typically, my kids are right by my side while I’m working on the computer (pictured above). Cute, right?  As I type this, my 7 year old is laying on the floor next to me drawing stick-figure pictures of herself crying, because I won’t let her walk by herself to her friend’s house across town.

Is this your child I found wandering around outside? Real Mom Confessions

When I’m not working from home, I’m also doing things to keep my own identity, like swim or mountain biking. This is the person I was before having kids, and I refuse to lose that just because I gained an awesome new title as “Mom.”

A couple weeks ago I competed in the Utah Summer Games for swimming and the first day I left my kids at home so I didn’t have to deal with them. Of course the mom-guilt crept in as I saw countless other moms bringing their kids to the pool to help cheer them on.

The next day I brought my crew and it was a nightmare to say the least.

REAL MOM CONFESSIONS: My youngest daughter got lost and when I found her, she refused to come sit down by me.

My youngest two girls took off wandering around the pool facility with my teammates daughter. When my 7 year old came back without my 5 year old, things got tense. I was running around the pool facility in my swimsuit, about to miss my next race because I couldn’t find my her. When I realized she had her Gizmo watch on. I ran back to my purse to grab my phone and call her. I found her but as I got closer, she stood up and started walking toward the door. All the judgmental eyes were on me as my daughter was deliberately walking away in front of everyone at the pool. I was so embarrassed that I had to called her Dad (who was working out of town) and told him to call her and tell her to come back to me, because she listens to him. Of course.

Have you seen this new video from Yoplait, encouraging us to “Mom On?”

I LOVE IT! We all have different methods of parenting, we’re all in this rat race together. Let’s stop the judging and just lift each other up and support one another.

So let’s hear your Real Mom Confessions in the comments! What are some of the things you’re doing to survive parenthood? No judgments here, just love and support! #MomOn

I’ll leave you with this little gem > My son kayaking down a river in Montana with a bear right beside him… while I snapchatted the whole thing.

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Shawn is the Owner and Creator of I Wash You Dry. She loves to create and share simple, family-friendly recipes. Mom to 5 adorable children and dwells in the desert of Southern Utah.
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  1. Kim

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re a cool ass mom. I had no idea so many people were criticizing of one of my favorite recipes—I’ve been making your Parmesan Brussels sprouts since I started college last year. I hope that your blog will still be around when I get to be a mom. Can’t believe y’all were that close to a bear!!

  2. Courtnwy

    I read those comments about the Brussels sprouts. geez, what is wrong with people. I didn’t know people could feel so passionately about a missing S at the end of a vegetable! I commend you as a mom of 4 and getting your kids to eat their veggies. I think I very rarely did. I don’t think I even liked them until I was an adult. Most people don’t know how to be real. they are too busy keeping up the image of themselves on their social media. Your kids sound like they have a great mom, I am sure they will be turn out to be well adjusted and happy. MOM ON!!

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  4. Melissa Griffiths

    You aren’t alone friend!! My 6 year old is into “running away” when he gets mad/sad/in trouble and it’s so scary. I feel like if I were a better parent he’d be happier but we all know that’s not always true. I sure like you mama!

  5. Julia

    The comments on that post are crazy! I would be strung up if they saw how many plastic bags I use to pack my 4 kids’ lunches for school 5 days a week…

    My kids are all pre-teen and teens now and I am not a helicopter mom. They get the freedom that they have earned. If they are irresponsible, they don’t get as much independence as their more responsible sibling, regardless of age. My kids also don’t have cell phones, which means that I am apparently ruining their lives. If you saw how they treat their belongings/room, you wouldn’t spring for a cell phone, either! It would be lost or broken in about 24 hours. Ha

    I think that moms are too critical and hypocritical, really, especially on the internet. We don’t know the whole story most times. We need more women being honest about how awful and great motherhood is.

    Hear hear on maintaining who you are after kids. I remind my kids that I did have a life before they came along–I’m still allowed to think of myself from time to time.

    Thanks for this post and allowing me to vent a bit.

  6. Karen Muccigrosso

    Shawn, always be proud of yourself and those beautiful children. Never let anyone make you feel guilty for being a good mom!! As long as you are happy, your family can be happy. No one is perfect so keep hugging them tight, try to always listen to them when they talk and read to them as long as you can… they grow up so fast❤️ I’m a retired nurse and have two grown beautiful daughters who have families of their own. I worked throughout their whole childhood and had the “mom guilt” more than once but looking back now I wouldn’t have changed a thing. They are strong, intelligent woman, wonderful mothers and after all these yrs they still like hanging out with their mother.❤️

  7. Jennie

    Oh…my…gosh… Shawn, I am sitting here in total and absolute SHOCK at the horrible comments that were posted on that yummy Brussels sprouts recipe that you shared!! Every time I see this type of behavior I am stunned and at the same time ask myself why I’m surprised? People nowadays believe they have the right to say anything to anyone anywhere without consequences. THAT to me is poor parenting! Lol!

    My “girls” are now 41 and 43 and have a couple of grown children between them. When they were born, I was working and only stayed home for five months and then four months before returning to work. I absolutely HAD to be around adults and have normal, adult conversations again. Several of my friends were able to be SAH moms and at the time I did NOT envy them. When my girls were in school and having plays and parties and then late afternoon ballgames that I missed because of work, that’s the time I felt really guilty. But they survived and so did I…and so will you! You are right to do the things that fulfill you and keep you sane. It’s the only way you will survive their childhood – haha!

    Thank you for sharing all your recipes and stories. I am amazed that you are able to do as much as you do while raising your four kiddos. You are an amazing woman and I am in awe.

    1. Shawn

      I’m holding on to the faith that my kids will grow up to be decent human beings, regardless of how much I screw up this parent thing. 😉 Thank you for sharing your story Jennie!

  8. Patricia Caneer Gardner

    My daughter was 10 or so. She wanted to show me a doll she had seen at a crafts show at the local shopping center. We were walking toward the display, I turned my head to see a sweater in a shop window. Just looked, kept on walking. I suddenly realized she was not by my side. I could not see her. I have gave my purse to a surprised crafter, told him I could not find my daughter, and started screaming Ellen, Ellen at the top of my lungs. People scattered, helping me. A few more screams and she came running. Seems as I turned my head to look at the sweater, not stopping, just walking ahead, was the instant she turned to walk down an aisle to go over to the doll. Everyone, including security settled down. The crafter let me sit down behind his display, and then I cried. I don’t cry until it’s over. She was beside me, ok. She had thought I was behind her when she turned toward the doll. This was 40 years ago. When I was caring for my grandchildren I told them this story about their mother and told them to stay with me or I will start screaming their name. You are not over careful. In today’s world you can not be over careful. Scream all you want to. Love to all parents

    1. Shawn

      What a nightmare! It’s so scary when you lose them, even for just a second! Thanks for taking a moment to share your story with us!

  9. Anna

    Shawn, I encourage you to read this blog & get to “know” her. Have a blessed day. She is helping my change my view on life and is a great inspiration! Hope you read her blog!

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