Mexican Adventures

Last week I enjoyed the best thing anyone can ask for…

A week long cruise to Mexico!

I was in heaven with all the warm sun, sand, water, and well…FOOD!

A woman in sunglasses sitting in a restaurant.

I thought I would share a few pictures from my awesome adventure. We stopped in 3 different port towns in Mexico. At each port I simply had to try their guacamole and chips.

{It’s the best way to judge a town}

A can of Cocoa Cola Light next to a bowl of guacamole with two chips in it.


















Here is what we sampled in Puerto Villarta.

Simple and delicious.

And because you don’t want to drink the water {trust me on this one} I had to order a Diet Coke (or a Coca-cola ‘light’ to the locals).

A row of large bags of candy.













I went with my adventurous sister-in-law, Tasha. We were determined to test the strength of our lungs with screams of terror as we zip-lined thru the jungle. It was an experience I will never forget!

On the way out there was this cute little stand where a young fellow was selling bulk “things” by the pound. It ranged from M&M’s to dried peas. It was a wonderful display and I couldn’t help snap a picture.

A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera













Our next stop was in Mazatlan where we took an open air taxi ride to a beach resort. We chillaxed on the beach with our own private cabana and waiter boy. He brought us a nice plate of guacamole and chips…{unfortunately we consumed it quicker than I could pull out my camera.} 

A close up of a drink in a plastic cup.
The drinks were great. This was my Strawberry Daiquiri {virgin style of course}. Don’t the colors just call to you??


Guacamole on a plate with two large chips in it.













Last stop was in Cabo San Lucas. My favorite stop by far. The presentation of all the food we ate was superb! And this was just at a beach front joint!

A woman with sunglasses on standing in front of a body of water













Sorry to bombard you with so many pictures of moi, but I did just get a new camera for Christmas, and it does take great pictures! And who doesn’t love spending all week with beach hair in a swim suit!?

One must document these things!

A parrot sitting on a branch in a cage.













No, I did not eat this parrot.

I just thought it was a magnificent bird.

Gotta love the tropics of Mexico!

I got so many great ideas for amazing dishes while in Mexico. I am stoked to try them soon and of course to share them with you! I did take more pictures of the food I consumed, but I don’t want to overwhelm you right now…more to come soon!

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    Mexican food is delicious! i love Mexico!

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