27 Sides To Complete Your Grilled Meal

Grilling season is in full swing. You’ve got your burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, and ribs all figured out, but what about the perfect side dish?

From potato salad to pasta salad, and even a little fruit salad it can be difficult to find the right side to pair with your grilled meal.

I’ve complied 27 Sides To Complete Your Grilled Meal from all over the web!

27 Side Dishes To Complete Your Grilled Meal

There’s a little something for everyone, so be sure to check them out by clicking on the image to find the full recipe.

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  1. CT

    The Elote Corn was just added to the dinner menu for tonight.
    Plans for a few other sides are evolving.
    Here’s a way to make life easier when serving fresh fruit to a crowd. Once instead of making fruit salad– I was way short on refrigerator space and even shorter on time– I simply washed the fruit and cut it right before serving. No fuss cutting–bananas in half with peel on, oranges & kiwis quartered, melon in wedges, pineapple in half lengthwise then 3/4″ slices–you get the idea. Nothing was peeled, cored or pitted (although seeds were scooped from the cantaloupe). The pieces were mostly halved or quartered making the peel, core or pit easy to remove by guests. Berries & grapes are self sufficient. I put it on a pretty platter & kept my eye on it; if I needed more I just cut the same as before. The unexpected benefit was that there was only a little bit of pre-cut fruit leftover, the bulk of the leftover was uncut and so it did not need refrigeration nor did it turn to mush.

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