Kitchen Hacks to Organize and Make Your Kitchen Flow Better

Two weeks ago when I shared my Kitchen Reveal with you, several of you were impressed by some of the little tricks, or “hacks” that I’ve done to really customize my kitchen to what works for me.

Today I’m going to let you in a little closer, sneak a peek behind my cabinets and drawers and show you 13 of my favorite Kitchen Hacks to Organize and Make Your Kitchen Flow Better!

These Kitchen Hacks to Organize and Make Your Kitchen Flow Better are Amazing!

We’ve all been there, frustrated by a kitchen that just doesn’t flow properly.

When I was designing my kitchen, there were several issues for organization that I wanted to address to make sure everything had a place.

1. Hidden Cabinets in Island for extra storage!

Our island also doubles as a breakfast bar for our 4 kids. But behind those four yellow stools hides some secret storage!

Secret Cabinet Storage under island for extra kitchen items you don't use daily!

So why is it so secret? Well, when we refinished the original island we changed out the door fronts and left off the cabinet door pull hardware. This gave it a more finished and furniture look. I just love the clean lines!

Secret Cabinet Storage under island for extra kitchen items you don't use daily!

Now I can stash all the random kitchen items that I don’t use on a daily basis, like platters, tortilla warmers, French omelette makers (it was an impulse buy) and my Kitchen-Aid attachments!

Secret Cabinet Storage under island for extra kitchen items you don't use daily!

2. Toe Kick Drawers! 

These were a fun addition! Another opportunity to maximize the space we have for additional storage!

Toe Kick Drawers for additional storage below cabinets!

Now I have the perfect spot for things like my muffin tins, linens, and more serving platters!

Toe Kick Drawers for additional storage below cabinets!

We used a very thin handle screwed to the top of the drawers, so when they are closed you can hardly see them hiding underneath our pantry!

3. Roll Out Pantry Shelves

Due to the way we designed our kitchen, the pantry shelves were extra deep (counter depth at 24 inches), so the whole wall was one even depth. This would make getting into our pantry sort of annoying, and almost guarantee something getting lost way back there.

We decided to install these super convenient roll out pantry shelves, which makes my pantry a breeze to get into!

Roll Out Pantry Shelves for extra deep pantry!

The guides that roll the shelves in and out are extra sturdy and can hold well over 100 pounds, which means… load up those cans!

Roll Out Pantry Shelves for extra deep pantry!

I’ve organized each shelf to hold specific items, so everything stays organized and right where I need it. You should definitely invest in something like this!

4. Basket Pantry Organization

We have two pantry cabinets next to each other, and I didn’t put the roll out drawers in both, so to keep this one organized and make sure I can reach everything in the back I’ve used baskets!

Baskets with chalkboard tape for easy pantry organization

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on baskets, but I still wanted to be able to write on them, so my kids wouldn’t mess up my pantry!

I found these baskets on Amazon and found some chalkboard labels, which lets me write on each basket, but also able to change it when I need to.

And yes, I have a whole basket for Salad Toppings… I like salads…

Also – Cereal tupperware is a must. My husband thinks these are ridiculous, but I stand by them. They keep the cereal fresher longer, and I can easily see when we need to get more. I found mine at Walmart and Amazon!

5. Storage for Cutting boards, cookie sheets and Pizza pans

… and pretty much anything else that is long, skinny, and awkward to store.

Use a rack to store cutting boards, cookie sheets and pizza pans to easily access!

This was one of those things that was a MUST for me. In my previous house I used one of those metal file organizers to keep my boards organized and it was heavenly. I used the cabinet above my oven to strategically store everything in a vertical manner with these awesome separators, and it’s seriously a life changer.

This simple wire addition was only about $30 and worth every penny.

Roll Out Pantry Shelves for extra deep pantry!

There was just enough room under the double wall ovens to sneak a little drawer in, which is perfect for those roasting pans and extra baking pans!

6. Spice Drawer Pull Out

Since we moved our stove top to the island, I wanted my spices to be as close to me as possible. I was able to squeeze in a small spice drawer pull out between my oven and a lower cabinet. It’s directly behind the stove top, and perfect for when I need to grab my spices!

Pull Out Spice Drawer!

Surprisingly, this little drawer holds A LOT of spices! I was shocked when I was actually able to fit all of my spices in there, and still have room for more!

Pull Out Spice Drawer!

I can get to the spices from both sides, which is super handy.

Pull Out Spice Drawer!

I just love how organized they all are too! I can see every single one!

7. Telescoping Downdraft System for Stove Top

You guys… my stove top is one of my favorite things about my new kitchen. We moved the location of the stove top from a wall to the island, but I didn’t want to have a bulky hood above the island to vent the stove top. So we opted for this sleek Telescoping Downdraft System from GE.

Amazing Telescoping Downdraft Venting system for stove tops!

The stove top is nestled into our island and takes up the upper part of the top two drawers, which means those are not usable.

Except, I needed a place to put the remote to control my vent, so I had my cabinet guy put in a swivel drawer front to hide the control, but make it easy to access.

Amazing Telescoping Downdraft Venting system for stove tops!

With just a quick push of a button, my vent effortlessly glides up out of my island and is ready to pump all the air outside!

Amazing Telescoping Downdraft Venting system for stove tops!

I love the sleek design, and I truly love how it slides right back down when I’m done using it. Clean lines!

8. Pull Out Trash Can

Yes, I’m talking about trash on my blog… Ok, I have seriously hated having a bulky trashcan sitting around in my kitchen, since, well, FOREVER!

This is a super simple hack – pull out trash can!

Pull out trash can!

I no longer have to look at a trash can, and can keep my kitchen clean!

9. Snack Drawer for the Kids!

We decided it was best to put the microwave at our kid’s level. This way I don’t have to worry about my kids trying to climb counters, or them pulling hot food out and on top of them.

Under counter microwave, perfect for kid's use, with a drawer stashed full of snacks for the kids!

I thought it would be easy for the kids to have all their favorite microwave snacks right in their reach too. Things like Easy Mac, popcorn, cup of noodles and oatmeal are right there for them to help themselves.

Under counter microwave, perfect for kid's use, with a drawer stashed full of snacks for the kids!

I used simple baskets to keep things organized in there.

10. Kid’s Plates, Cups and Bowls 

Obviously I have some vertically challenged kiddos wandering around here, so why not put things where they can reach it?

Use large pull out drawers to organize kids plates, bowls and cups so they can easily reach them.

I used the large pull out drawers to organize my kid’s plates, cups, bowls, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc.

Now they can easily help set the table, get a drink of water, or pour themselves a bowl of cereal. No more climbing countertops!

11. Small Appliance Nook

Let’s face it… I have a lot of small appliances that used to swarm my kitchen countertops, leaving them feeling cluttered and cramped. Not anymore!

Store your small appliances on your countertop for easy access, but hide them behind cabinets to keep counters clean.

I kept out the ones I use most frequently and hid them in my new small appliance nook.

Store your small appliances on your countertop for easy access, but hide them behind cabinets to keep counters clean.

Now my appliances are easy to access, but kept hidden for a clean and clutter-free kitchen!

12. Pot and Pan Lid Storage

UGH! Those pesky pot and pan lids are always a giant mess in my cabinets. But not anymore!

Organize pot and pan lids with a wire rack!

Similar to the idea of organizing the cutting boards and cookie sheets, use a metal file organizer to stack your lids upright so they stay neat and organized.

No more fumbling through the lids to find the right one!

13. Cupboard Organizers

This last one makes my inner OCD extremely happy.

I love being able to see ALL of my pantry items at a single glance, and by spreading them out in my upper cabinet, I can do just that.

Use spice shelves to organize sprinkles. Lazy susans for extracts and other spices.

I used my expandable spice rack to organize my sprinkles, and small lazy susans to organize extracts and other random spices.

There are all my vinegars on the right and oils to the left. Don’t be afraid to throw some small baskets in there for other things like food scales and bagged spices.



I hope you enjoyed some of these kitchen hacks and organization ideas!

For more before and after photos of my kitchen, plus details like products/colors, please check out THIS POST.

If you have any questions about products used in this post, just ask in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer! Thanks!

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  1. Nicole Broadnax

    Hi! Love these hacks. Can you give me the dimensions of your pantries? We’re redoing our kitchen and our looks similar in size. Thank you so much!!

    1. We don’t live there anymore so I can’t give you exact measurements, but I can tell you that they were about 24 inches deep. That’s why we used the roll out drawers because it was such a deep cabinet!

  2. Doris M

    I love your recipes and have unfortunately missed out on these giveaways!
    I could just cry.
    I show my husband the features that you are displaying so proudly and I have been begging for so long and so loudly!
    My home is in need of remodeling so now I have shown my husband what I want for my kitchen and I am praying for it to happen when we get our home paid off this next year 5 years early.
    The remodel will be a project that will make my home more suitable for me and my disabilities and how it will be more enjoyable for me to return to my favorite hobby!
    Cooking, crocheting, and when I uncover my sewing machine making bits and ends of things for those I care about.
    Thank you so much for showing me these things so that I may be able to finally make my hubby to understand me just a little bit better!
    I am a grandmother of 5 and we have a military tradition in my family and I am proud of it!
    Once again—-
    Thank you, Shawn!

  3. Gilda

    Hello- What a lovely kitchen. Question regarding the telescope air vent with drawers underneath them. I am being told that due to the telescope air vent the drawers can’t be done and that I will need to put cabinets instead. Where did you place the motor and air vent pipes? Are the drawers not very deep in order to leave space for the motor? Would love to see photos is possible. Thank you!

    1. Shawn

      Hi Glida, you’re absolutely right that the air vent will take up space directly underneath, but with that specific model it wasn’t a ton of space. How I was able to get the drawers in there was by having my cabinet guy make shorter drawers. So instead of them being 24 inches deep, they are just 12 inches deep. We have since moved out of this house, but I used those drawers to hold pot holders, smaller pots, and baking pans. Hope this helps!

  4. S Duitch Sloane

    Gorgeous and so well thought out! Did you do the toe kick drawers yourself, or were they part of the custom build?

    1. Shawn

      We had the toe kick drawers put in with the custom cabinets, but I’m sure that there are some tutorials out there on Pinterest!

  5. Cynthia

    Everything looks great happy you shared, I’m always reorganizing,everything,bathroom kitchen every drawer in the house. I just feel like things never look good enough .my family and friends tell. Me I’m crazy, that everything in my house is very clean and organized. Who knows maybe I’m a little crazy about having things clean you did a great job with your remodel that’s what I need to do remodel so thing feel better. Sincerely Sweetpea

  6. Heather (aka Mrs. Frugaluxurious)

    Wow – what a wonderful summary of your great kitchen ideas! We are working on our kitchen design right now and I want to incorporate so many of them!

  7. pictaram

    Is this a unreal kitchen? Because it’s so perfect! Even the kitchen of my dream cannot be this beautiful. Thank you for sharing the advice!

  8. Annemarie Hiatt

    Hi, I do believe this is a great website. I stumbledupon it 😉 I may revisit yet again since i have saved as a favorite it. Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich and continue to help other people.

  9. Laura

    Your kitchen is amazing! I love all your creative storage ideas. I wondered what brand of roll out pantry shelves you purchased. I am looking at adding these to make my pantry cupboards more functional. Thanks!

  10. Janet Zielinski

    Beautiful kitchen!
    I was wondering where you got the decals for your flour sugar jars? So cute!
    Thank you

  11. Kimberly Gayeta

    Wow! Your kitchen is very clean, I wanna live there! hah! I think I have to start doing this. Everything behind cupboards. My kitchen have lots of hanging pots here and there. Again Shawn, thank you for sharing! you are such an inspiration! I’m a new fan of the blog now 🙂

  12. Michelle {Fun On a Dime}

    Love it! Question about your stove….you mentioned the air gets pumped out. Can you tell me more on how you did this? Did you have to dig a vent/way in the ground out or were you able to tap into an existing system? I did notice you have floor vents already.

    1. Shawn

      We had to create a system for it, but we were lucky enough to have our floor joists going the right direction. So we essentially had the exhaust tubing go into the floor, out to the garage and then straight up to the roof. If you’re looking to have this done, contact a local HVAC company and they can come take a look at your situation and tell you what you need to do. 🙂

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