Kitchen Reveal {Before and After Photos}

Amazing Before and After pictures of a Kitchen renovation!

Drum roll please…

The time has finally come!! I’m about to POP, I am so excited to share my Kitchen Reveal with you guys today!!

We moved into our house back in January, and I immediately started planning on how I was going to transform the kitchen. No, that’s a lie. I was already planning what I was going to do the first time I walked through the house (before we even signed the papers). I drew diagrams (several times), created Pinterest boards with images of kitchen inspiration, organization ideas, and color schemes, and spent hours pouring over home decorating magazines.

Ultimately I wanted a kitchen that was filled with bright natural light, clean lines, timeless and also have a modern/contemporary look. When it was all said and done, it looks exactly like I imagined it would and I could not be more happy with the results.


The transformation of this kitchen is incredible!


These pictures were taken the day we got the keys to the house. Oh memories…

The previous owners had done a lot of work to open up the original kitchen layout, but that door in the middle of the kitchen went into the garage, which was kind of awkward. It had to be moved…

Such an amazing kitchen transformation! I'm loving the bright white cabinets with the grey Quartz countertops!



How stinking gorgeous is this bright and beautiful kitchen!?!

It doesn’t even look like the same place anymore! But yes, yes it is.

We moved that pesky garage door into the laundry room which is located on the right…

I can NOT believe the transformation this blogger made to her kitchen! Stunning!

Here you can see the laundry room on the left through that doorway. Those cabinets were removed to make way for the new entrance to the garage.

Love this Kitchen transformation! The pendant lights are simply gorgeous!


Every wall in the house got a fresh coat of paint, which really brightened up the whole place. I went for a neutral grey color so I could play with more accent colors.

Paint color: “Silver Screen” by BEHR

WOW! She replaced the ceiling fans with solar tubes and it made such a difference in bringing in the natural light! I need to do this to my kitchen!

There was a lot of stuff going on up on that ceiling. All the fans hanging down really made it feel cramped. Since I couldn’t add any windows to the kitchen, I decided to take out those ceiling fans and add two Solatubes in their place. They’re like miniature skylights that reflect a LOT of natural light. They’re energy efficient and the cost wasn’t too bad ($375 ea.). I did add a light kit to each one so they turn into giant can lights when it’s dark outside (for an extra $75 ea.)

Love the natural light in this kitchen, and that Laundry Room door is stunning!


Totally worth it!

It’s literally a night and day difference!

I also added one more can light just to make it more symmetrical with the other two can lights that were already there. With those fans out of the way, the ceiling feels so much taller and the kitchen feels so big!

Kitchen Reveal

When we originally designed the cabinets I was planning on leaving the range right where it was and putting the double ovens on the wall to the right, next to the dishwasher. My husband convinced me to move the range to our rather large island, but I was hesitant because I didn’t want a range hood blocking my line of sight.

After all, I just worked so hard to get rid of those ceiling fans!

GE Appliances to the rescue!

Love the bright white shaker style cabinets with the Quartz grey countertops. It looks like concrete, but much more durable and easy to take care of.


I found GE’s super sleek 36″ induction cooktop with their telescopic downdraft system and it was EXACTLY what my kitchen needed.

Now I have the clean lines, no bulky vent coming out of the ceiling and an AMAZING cooktop to boot!

We did need to hire an electrician ($200) and HVAC guy ($417) to come out and get our island ready for the new appliance, but it was worth it. It’s probably one of my favorite features of the kitchen!

HOLY SMOKES! The transformation this blogger made to her kitchen is practically unrecognizable! Love it!

When we took out the cabinets we also took out that drop down ceiling above them.

It really made the ceiling feel so much higher!

Gorgeous white cast-iron enameled, apron front, farm house sink by Kohler. Love the backsplash tile here as well. Stunning!


I am lucky enough to have a brother-in-law who owns a cabinetry shop (Cooper Mill, Inc.) in my hometown. He doesn’t build cabinets anymore (he focuses on refinishing and interior painting now), but I convinced him to build my new cabinets and I couldn’t be happier. The thought and detail that he put into them was exceptional. This is where the majority of our budget went ($12,500).

All of the cabinets and drawers have soft close hinges, plus he added a few upgrades along the way whenever I found something else that intrigued me on Pinterest… hehe.

Kitchen Reveal - a touchless faucet by Kohler! Totally need one of these in my kitchen!


One thing you don’t realize (or maybe it was just me) when you’re planning a kitchen remodel, are all the small details, like picking out the knobs and pulls for your cabinetry.

I had a hard time with this one! I ultimately chose these satin nickel cup pulls (Overstock: $78) for the drawers and stainless steel 7″ bar pulls (Overstock: $75) for the cabinets, and I am so glad I did. I love them so much!

Sink & Faucet: Kohler

Cabinet Pulls: Overstock

Gorgeous backsplash tile in Arctic Ice. Love the white shaker style cabinets and Slate appliances by GE. Dream kitchen!!


When I started planning my kitchen I had my heart set on concrete countertops. I wanted that cool grey color to coordinate with my white cabinets and cool grey wall color. I searched my town for someone to build me my concrete countertops and came up with nothing.

I was heartbroken.

Then one day I went browsing for something to replicate my dream of concrete and I found this Quartz countertop ($4200) and I literally jumped for joy. Not only did it look like actual concrete, but it is super durable and really easy to take care of!

Countertops: Quartz in “Concerto”

Kitchen Reveal - love this kitchen! Everything this blogger did, from new white shaker style cabinets to Quartz countertops that look like concrete and the gorgeous mint backsplash tiles. Stunning!

The tile backsplash ($220 + $380 installation) turned out exactly as I had imagined it would. The color really pops against the white cabinets and grey countertops. I love it so much.

Tile Backsplash: Arctic Ice Subway (12×12″ mesh mosaic tiles)

Rug: Target ($50)

Love the Slate appliances from GE! No fingerprints - and the inside of these cabinets are so awesome! I need to figure out how to make this kitchen mine!

Our small pantry doubled in size and now I have way more room than I know what to do with.

Let me tell you about my new appliances!!!

They’re by GE and they are simply amazing! But what I love most about them is their color: SLATE! 


With 4 little kids running around here, I was definitely NOT in the market for stainless steel and having to constantly wipe fingerprints off of everything. The handles are still stainless steel, so I do give those a wipe down every few days, but other than that, everything stays looking amazing, which takes the edge off of my OCD-ness.

Pure genius what she put in the drawer below the microwave! I need to remember this!

Speaking of those 4 little kids, I decided to put my microwave at their level.

Best. Decision. Ever.

They can easily heat up their food, pop popcorn, make some easy Mac, or a bowl of oatmeal without climbing on countertops or making a huge mess.

See that drawer below it?…

The drawer below the under mount microwave is full of kid approved snacks and meals! This is genius!


Yeah, it’s loaded and ready to go!

My kids are loving having everything they need at a level they can reach.

Love the pop of color from the bar stools and back splash. Grey island paint color is "Peppercorn" by Sherwin Williams.

Bar Stools: Target 

Pendant Lights: Capital Lighting (

LOVE this Laundry Room door! She uses vinyl letters then frosted the glass for privacy, yet still lets in a lot of natural light. The rest of the kitchen reveal is just as awesome!


I seriously love my laundry room, which just happens to be right off the kitchen.

We have a sliding glass door just to the right, inside the laundry room, that gets amazing light. With the old door, it was always swinging shut so that natural light always went to waste. I switched out the door for a glass paned one and worked my DIY magic on it. I painted it a light blue, then had a local vinyl shop print me out “Laundry” in large letters. After I applied the letters I used some etching cream to frost the rest of the glass.

I took off the letters to give you just enough to peek into my laundry room, but it also lets in a LOT of light, while still giving my laundry room some privacy in case it’s not in tip top shape.

Rug: Target
Bench & Pillows: Tuesday Morning
Chalkboard: Thai Pan Trading

Love the yellow barstools and mini pendant lights above the island! Gorgeous white kitchen with grey slate appliances by GE.


Kitchen Reveal - Love these white shaker-style cabinets with stainless steel cabinet pulls and satin nickel cup pulls.

My secret storage spot for my fave small appliances!!

Secret storage of small appliances on counter top without all the clutter showing! Brilliant!

Now I can keep them out on the counter, without it looking all cluttered. LOVE!!

You guys… I’m totally smitten with my new sink and faucet from Kohler!!

My dream kitchen includes this apron front farm sink with a touchless faucet! Love the backsplash and grey countertops as well. The whole kitchen looks awesome.

This apron front cast iron enameled sink has a “smart divide” in it, so I can still fill up a small part of the sink if I need to, without having to fill up the large basin and waste water.

The faucet is a touch-less one! It’s life changing. Seriously.

I’ll share more about these two items later next week. They’re just too amazing to not share!

This is the most gorgeous white kitchen ever! That induction cooktop with telescopic downdraft system from GE is so neat!

I can’t even tell you how much I love my new kitchen. This is where I spend the majority of my day, so I wanted to make it something that was not only gorgeous but also functional. I’ll share more of how I achieved that later on.

So for now, here are just a few process pictures to show you how we got here…


First step: Move that old and awkward door going into the garage!

Progress Kitchen Photos

Notice how dark it is before the Solar Tubes are installed? This was taken mid-day!

Electricians working on moving some wires around!

Progress Kitchen Photos-3

Solar tubes going in! Let there be light!

Progress Kitchen Photos-4

Bye bye old oak cabinets and weird drop down ceiling!

Progress Shots

Clean slate! Ready for a facelift!

Progress Shots

My new custom cabinets arrive! (they’re massive!)

Progress Kitchen Photos-10

Progress Kitchen Photos-17

The new cabinets and crown molding are installed!

They get painted white after they are installed (on-site) for optimal coverage.

Progress Kitchen Photos-12

Kitchen Reveal

A huge THANK YOU to GE Appliances for providing me with my gorgeous new appliances and Kohler for providing me with my awesome new sink and faucet.

Stay tuned for more reveals (and giveaways) next week!

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen! Let me know what you think! 🙂

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Amazing Before and After photos of a kitchen renovation! Love this!


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  1. Jessica
    Hi! Beautiful kitchen! Working on designing my own right now, and I'm stuck on the cabinet layout. Can you share photos of where you put your glasses, plates, bowls, etc.? What about drawers for cooking and eating utensils? The dimensions of our kitchens will be similar, so I appreciate your thoughts! :)
  2. Anna
    Love the kitchen! Girl, you should be SO glad you don’t have concrete countertops. We purchased a home with concrete countertops two and a half years ago, and they are a nightmare — especially with kids! They’re constantly staining and always look dirty. They also will crack in places over time as the settle, and the cracks then become a grime crevice. I’ve tried bleaching and resealing them, but there are stains — like a ring from a teacup — that just are permanent. Can you tell I hate them? Ya... you made the right choice!!
    1. I bought the door at a lumber store in town, with a plain glass middle. Then I had large vinyl letters printed to say "Laundry" and stuck them on the door. Then I used etching cream to rub on the glass to give it a frosted look. Once that was done I removed the vinyl letters and hung the door! Hope that helps!
  3. Angela R
    Hi Shawn, I really love your kitchen makeover and I especially love your laundry door. Can you remember how long you left the etching cream stay on the door, I really considering trying this. Nice kitchen!
    1. It was only left on for a few minutes before we washed it off. You have to act quick! I painted it on with two friends at the same time in the same brush motions (we sectioned off three parts to make it all go on at the same time). Then I used a hose to wash it all off quickly. Hope this helps!
  4. Cait Augerman
    Your kitchen is absolutely GORGEOUS and is exactly what I am planning to do to my own kitchen in the very near future. I am planning on using this same backsplash tile and I was just wondering if you remember what colour/brand of grout you used Thanks so much
  5. Roberta Holbrook
    I love what you have done in your kitchen and you have a lot of jealous women on your hands. The laundry room door is the only project that is possible in our home since it is only a few years old. However I love your painting near your sliding doors in the picture with the delivered new cabinets. I hope it is fairly new so you can tell me where I might find one like it. Thanks.
  6. chicook13
    SO gorgeous!!! I don't know if kitchen envy is a thing but...wait, yes I do know. It absolutely is and I've got a major case of it!!!! I think I'd just bring a sleeping bag in there and never leave. Congratulations!
  7. Alison
    Hello, what paint color did you use to match your light switch/ outlet covers? It looks perfect and I am using the same backsplash in my kitchen remodel. very beautiful!
    1. The outlet covers were a happy accident! I found them already the same color as my backsplash at Home Depot. This was almost 2 years ago now, so I'm not sure if they're still available.
  8. Aliso
    Hello! What color did you use to match your outlet/light switch covers? It looks perfect and I'm using this this tile backsplash in my kitchen remodel as well!
  9. Jeanie Yarbrough
    Can you tell me about how big your kitchen is so I can get some perspective? 12x14...... etc...? Love it all by the way.
  10. Vicki
    It's all so pretty. I especially love your countertop choice. My obsession is your laundry room door. I would love to replicate it. Where did you buy the glass door? About how much?
  11. Alaina
    This turned out beautifully! What are the dimensions of your kitchen and the island? My mom is planning a kitchen reno and this looks similar to her ideal layout. Are you finding the downdraft range vent works well? Does it get tall enough for a stockpot?
    1. My kitchen island is large! It's about 10 feet x 4 feet. I love the downdraft system and while it's not super tall for the bigger stock pots, I find that if I put the pot on the burners near the downdraft it'll still suck up the steam.
    1. I don't have a step by step tutorial, but I can tell you that I had a vinyl letting store print out the letters for "Laundry" and then I used etching cream ( to brush all over the clear glass. Make sure to tape off the wooden door parts so they don't get any etching cream on it. Also, I took the whole door off of the wall and placed it outside to do this, then washed off the etching cream with the hose. Once it was all dried off I peeled off the letters. Hope this helps!
  12. Emily
    Where did you buy your laundry room door? I'm having the hardest time finding a glass panel door without it already frosted. :/
  13. Vix
    I love love love this post. This is my DREAM kitchen. It looks incredible!! One thing I wanted to mention though, as I was trying to read the post, one of the video ads on the right sidebar towards the top kept refreshing, and it would jump me right back to the top of the page again. Every 30 seconds or so. Really frustrating. The only reason I kept reading to the end was because the kitchen was so gorgeous, but honestly, I was so close to giving up and leaving so many times.It's also made the page incredibly slow to load in full - as I'm typing this comment, the page can't keep up with me becau se of all the videos that have to keep reloading over and over again.Just wanted to let you know in case it has put off other potential readers! xx

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