How To Cut A Mango

Let’s talk Mango….shall we?

A couple weeks ago when I went to Food Camp, the National Mango Board was one of the sponsors, and we learned all about Mangos! I picked up some great information that I thought I would pass back on to you!

There are several varieties of Mangos, which make having a Mango all year long a definite possibility. The most common Mango you’ll see at your grocery story may be the Tommy Atkins Mango. It has that beautiful red and green skin.

In order to tell the ripeness of a Mango, pay no attention to the skin color, rather feel it in your hands and squeeze it gently. A ripe mango will be slightly soft to the touch, similar to a ripe peach or avocado.

So now we have picked out our ripe mango, let’s cut it open and get to the good stuff!

I’m going to show you two easy methods for cutting a Mango.

The first is to cut it into strips, and then second, to make it cubed.

Either way, we are going to start off by finding the “eye” of the mango (that cute little stem).

There is a long seed right in the center of the mango that we have to cut around, so make a cut just off center on both sides of the mango.

If you want strips of sweet juicy mango, then very carefully using a sharp knife make slices in the mango. Be careful not to pierce the skin when cutting.

Use a large spoon to get between the skin of the mango and the mango slices, and scoop the slices out.

If you’re needing cubed mango, make the same vertical slices in the mango. Then make horizontal slices to create a bunch of tiny mango squares.

Then gently push the back side (skin side) of the mango up with your fingers, while pushing down on the sides with your thumbs.

Using the sharp knife, carefully get under the raised cubes and cut them off of the skin.

Don’t forget about the rest of the mango!! Cut along the sides of the pit in a curved fashion to avoid hitting the seed.

Slice along the bottom of the skin to remove the extra mango. You can either dice this up to go along with your cubes, or use it as slices.

So there you have it! Pretty easy!

I’ve always liked mangos, but I learned a few new things that have pushed me into the love category.

One cup of mango is only 100 calories, and equal to 100% your daily recommended Vitamin C intake! {heck ya!}

So now that you’ve cut your Mango, here are some tasty recipes you can try out!

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You can learn more about Mangos by visitng the National Mango Board website.

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  1. That’s a much better way to cut it than what I do. I usually peel it first and then it’s a slippery mess. I’l have to try it the other way next time.

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