Candy Corn Cup Cakes

Fall is here which means two things- baking tons of yummy goodies and the flu.

To be honest, I’m more excited about the first one.

Cupcakes on a table topped with white frosting and yellow, white and orange sprinkles
I have lost a lot of sleep the past few nights over baking and the flu. It seems that the stomach flu is making it’s way through my children, one at a time.
Last Fall I lost sleep over these cup cakes, and this year these little Candy Corn Cup Cakes have taken over my brain too!
Cupcakes on a table topped with white frosting and yellow, white and orange sprinkles
Obviously I have lost my marbles due to my lack of slumber; because last time I checked candy corn goes more like yellow, orange, then white.
NOT orange, yellow, then white…
Oh well, you get the idea…right?
A close up of mixing beaters dripping batter into a mixing bowl












It’s a super simple box cake recipe that will be the perfect Halloween treat for that party you’re going to!

Start by making a yellow cake mix according to the package directions. Then divide the mix into two equal parts in separate bowls.

A hand adding drops of food coloring into batter in a bowl













To one bowl add some red food color, and maybe a drop or two of yellow. Mix until you get a nice vibrant orange.

A bowl of orange colored batter with a wire whisk













This time instead of putting in the orange first, you’ll want to start with the yellow. Then top it off with some orange. But in any case, as long as you don’t have sick kids laying around you should be fine to remember that.

What is it with kids and throwing up? It seems so effortless for them. When I get sick it’s this huge production, I need someone to hold my hair, I cry, I curl into the fetal position next to the toilet…

For my kids, it just comes flowing out of their little bodies like turning on a faucet. And then BAM they are fine, asking to play the Wii. And I am left cleaning up the mess. Well I have given up on cleaning nasty things.

In order to avoid gagging I have elected to throw those said nasty items away. It may not be the most frugal method, but it saves my sanity {and my lunch}. 

Today I was tempted to just cut off the section of hair that my girl barfed in…but then I remembered the gum/mullet fiasco that took place a few years ago, and opted to just rinse it out.

Live and Learn.

Yellow batter being poured on top of orange batter in a cupcake wrapper













These cup cakes are just fun and easy.

I whipped up a simple batch of The Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had to go on top.

Decorate with some fun Candy Corn colored sprinkles, or top with Candy Corn itself.

A close up of a cupcake wrapper being removed from a Candy Corn Cupcake













Make a batch for the work party, the cake walk, the neighborhood kids, the family, or just for yourself to eat while watching Sister Wives on Netflix….

The possiblities are endless…

A close up of a cupcake cut in half displaying the inside next to full cupcakes topped with white frosting and sprinkles













But make sure you put them in the right order!

Oh, and get the Flu Shot too!



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