Grilled Chicken and Corn

Like I said before, I love summer because it means I can break out my grill and get to work on some tasty meals.


My favorite- The ULTIMATE-EASIEST grilled chicken!

This is the meal I make when all of a sudden I have company come over. I always stock up on chicken drum sticks when they go on sale. I buy in bulk, use my freezer zip close bags and throw them in the freezer for when they are needed.

{You can use any type of chicken, but bone in w/ skin is my favorite}
Salt and Pepper your drumsticks and place them on the hot grill.
{I LOVE LOVE LOVE a coal burning grill, but my husband took our little one to Texas with him. So I am cooking on my propane grill for the time being}
Close the lid and cook chicken on both sides till the chicken is golden brown {approximately 4-5 min per side, but keep an eye on them ’cause every grill is different}.
Mmmm…I am getting hungry all over again!
Get your favorite BBQ sauce and a basting brush.
{FYI- my 5 year old daughter took this picture…she’s got some talent!}
Brush the top of the chicken liberally, and then close the lid and let the sauce caramelize for about 1-2 min.
Flip the chicken, apply a generous helping of sauce and close lid for another 1-2 min.
Voila! Tender, juicy, perfectly cooked BBQ chicken!
Don’t forget about the corn! It’s ok to boil your corn, but if you want some great flavor try grilling it!
Simply undress the corn {you know, so it’s naked}, spray your grill rack with some Pam so the corn wont stick, and pop those ears right on over medium heat.
Turn the corn every few minutes to let it slightly char the kernels. This gives it a roasted corn taste.
Dress it up with some Spicy Jalapeno Butter, from Part I of my BBQ Series, and you’re looking at a taste no-one can pass up!
Complete your BBQ with a green salad, and homemade popsicles for dessert!
Your family will love you. {I’m sure they already love ya, but they will really love you after this one!}
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