Grilled Chicken and Corn

A grilled cob of corn on a paper plate next to grilled chicken.
Like I said before, I love summer because it means I can break out my grill and get to work on some tasty meals.


My favorite- The ULTIMATE-EASIEST grilled chicken!

This is the meal I make when all of a sudden I have company come over. I always stock up on chicken drum sticks when they go on sale. I buy in bulk, use my freezer zip close bags and throw them in the freezer for when they are needed.

{You can use any type of chicken, but bone in w/ skin is my favorite}
Raw chicken drumsticks on a grill.
Salt and Pepper your drumsticks and place them on the hot grill.
{I LOVE LOVE LOVE a coal burning grill, but my husband took our little one to Texas with him. So I am cooking on my propane grill for the time being}
Chicken drumsticks cooking on a grill.
Close the lid and cook chicken on both sides till the chicken is golden brown {approximately 4-5 min per side, but keep an eye on them ’cause every grill is different}.
Mmmm…I am getting hungry all over again!
Get your favorite BBQ sauce and a basting brush.
A pastry brush adding sauce on chicken cooking on a grill.
{FYI- my 5 year old daughter took this picture…she’s got some talent!}
Brush the top of the chicken liberally, and then close the lid and let the sauce caramelize for about 1-2 min.
Flip the chicken, apply a generous helping of sauce and close lid for another 1-2 min.
Voila! Tender, juicy, perfectly cooked BBQ chicken!
A plate of grilled chicken.
Don’t forget about the corn! It’s ok to boil your corn, but if you want some great flavor try grilling it!
Corn on a grill.
Simply undress the corn {you know, so it’s naked}, spray your grill rack with some Pam so the corn wont stick, and pop those ears right on over medium heat.
A plate of grilled corn cobs.
Turn the corn every few minutes to let it slightly char the kernels. This gives it a roasted corn taste.
Dress it up with some Spicy Jalapeno Butter, from Part I of my BBQ Series, and you’re looking at a taste no-one can pass up!
A child taking a bite of grilled corn on the cob.
Complete your BBQ with a green salad, and homemade popsicles for dessert!
Your family will love you. {I’m sure they already love ya, but they will really love you after this one!}
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