My Job Chart {get your kids excited}

I’m going to take a small break from showing you mouth-watering food for one day because I want to share something magnificent with you.

If you’re a parent and you’re dealing with the tug-o-war battle that ensues when it comes to dealing with your growing child and chores then listen up! Kids are all about fast-paced gratification these days. It makes sense. With all of us toting around miniature computers in our pockets, and being able to pull out a small piece of plastic to instantly purchase what we want at the store. Except when it comes to our kids, we are making them collect their pennies, nickles and dimes in a jar to “save.”

But the fact of the matter is, as soon as they hear those ringing bells of the ice cream man…my kids break open their jars and run like there is no tomorrow.

Sometimes money in their pockets just can’t seem to stay there, I know I am the same way. I hardly keep cash in my wallet because I know it’s an easy way to spend money and before I know it, it’s gone and I don’t know what I spent it on! (most likely soda and candy)

I have found this website called My Job Chart that has seriously changed my families way of doing chores around our house.

My children love technology, so it’s perfect for them. Let me explain it to you…

You log-in and create a FREE account for yourself, and then add one for each child. {Yes, you heard… FREE}

Each child get’s their own password that allows them to log in each day to find out what chores they have assigned to them.

Assigning chores is simple, and there are several suggested chores you can choose from, or you can create custom chores to better fit your child’s needs. Each chore is assigned a “point value.” (and you can decide how much each chore is worth).

You can have recurring jobs, so if you want your kid to vacuum their rooms every Monday, you can set it once and not have to fuss with it again.

With my kids I have it set so Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my daughter clears the dinner table, and my son loads the dishes. Then it swaps on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday my son clears the table and my daughter loads the dishes. It’s on their charts, so I don’t even have to tell them to do it anymore! Here’s what a typical job chart looks like for a child.

What’s in it for them? Well the points that they earn can do a couple things…

They can save their points, spend their points, or share their points. The real fun part comes for them when they get to see the little tab on top of their screen that says, “My Store.”

You can completely customize what goes in their store for them to spend their points on, and there are loads of suggestions to get you started. You can also include Amazon products, so if your child has been begging for that one special toy, they will now be able to keep track of their points and earn the money needed to buy it themselves.


This past week I was recovering from a small surgery and couldn’t really get up and do much. My kids are on their Fall Break from school so they have been home the whole week. Not once did I have to mention to them to do their chores.

They log-in every morning, see what they need to do, and get it done.

They love watching their points grow and talk about what they are going to use their points for. It’s a blessing.

It’s a FREE site, and you’re totally going to love it, so make sure you go check it out and get started soon! 🙂

(here’s a short video you can watch about it if you still need convincing!)

disclaimer: I am proud to partner with My Job Chart and review their awesome website. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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